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Change of Heart


Lesson 1 Changing My Mind

1. Can I change?
2. The power of our thoughts
Figure 1-1 Our assumption
3. Challenging our thoughts and beliefs
Figure 1-2 The power of thought
Figure 1-3 The ABCD Model
Nicole’s scenario
Andrew’s scenario
Personal Scenario

Lesson 2 What the World Needs Now

1. Connecting the head, heart and emotions
Figure 2-1. The heart of the matter.
2. The condition of the human heart
Mike’s Scenario
Laura’s Scenario

Lesson 3 Change of Heart

1. Symptoms of the condition of others
Nicole the Single Mom
Table 2-1. Biblical Love in Action
Table 3-1. Rating Nicole’s traits
Joe the OTR Driver
Table 3-2. Rating Joe
Table 3-3. Identifying corrective actions for Joe
2. Symptoms of the condition of my own heart
Table 3-4 Symptoms of the condition of my heart
3. The need and offer for an exchange of heart
My Need for Forgiveness

Lesson 4 My Need for Forgiveness

1. The trap of unforgiveness
2. The high cost of unforgiveness
3. The process of unforgiveness
Table 4-1. Doing Wrong when You’ve Been Wronged
Monica and Carl’s Scenario

Lesson 5 My Need to Give and Request Forgiveness

1. Only the offended can offer forgiveness
2. Seeking forgiveness
3. Giving forgiveness
Giving Forgiveness Scenario
Scenario 1: David and Amanda

Lesson 6 My Need to Forgive Myself

1. How can someone forgive him/her self?
2. Re-examine the unforgiveness process.
Table 4-1. Doing Wrong when You’ve Been Wronged
3. What Place does Repentence Play in Forgiving Myself?
God intentionally forgets confessed sin
Lingering guilt from confessed sin
Dropping the charges against myself
Jessica’s Scenario
Tyler’s Scenario


Lesson 7 My Need to Make Restitution

Restitution under Old Testament (OT) law
Restitution under New Testament (NT) grace
Restitution and criminal justice
Table 7-1. Old Testament restitution principles.
Table 7-2 Restitution Traits 59
Gabby’s Scenario
Steve’s Scenario

Lesson 8 A New Heart in My Home

Wives and Husbands
Figure 8-1. The Crazy Cycle
Children and Parents

Lesson 9 A New Heart in My Community

Labor and Management
Table 9-1. Citizenship Rights and Responsibilities
the plan of salvation
Change of Heart Worksheet
Change of Heart Facilitator Tally Sheet
Condition of my heart Self Assessment
Lesson 7 Worksheets