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 COPING WITH LOSS          Outline          Goals and Objectives         
-developing life skills through faith-

Coping with the Losses of Life

Lesson One Facing the Losses of Life

Types of Losses
The Story of Job
The Serenity Prayer

Lesson Two Personalizing Loss

My Personal Losses
Working Through the Pain
Overcoming Life’s Disappointments
Joe’s Scenario
Tiffany’s Scenario

Lesson Three The Scope of Loss

The Change Scale
Other Types of Loss
Applications from Scriptures
Personal Applications

Lesson Four Sorting Out Advice

Losses Early in Life
The Pros and Cons of Advice Given
Good Advice. Bad Advice.
Rhonda’s Scenario
Justin’s Scenario

Lesson Five The Language of Loss

Your Deepest Losses
Reactions to Bereavement
Life is not Fair
The Ten Stages of Grief

Lesson Six The Language of Recovery

Grieving Process Review
The Grieving Process Worksheet
The Grieving Process, Steps 8 through 10
Robert’s Scenario
Kelli’s Scenario

Lesson Seven Regression and Application

What is Regression?
Loss through Death
Ministering to Those in Grief
Making it Through Anything
Kaitlyn’s Scenario

Lesson Eight Coping with Loss by Death

Implications of the Change Scale as it Pertains to the Death of a Person
Coping Examples from the Bible
Helping Others (and Ourselves) Through Their Grief
Be Open Not Only to the Dying, but to the Survivors As Well

Lesson Nine A Christian View of Death

Why Think About Death?
The Nature of Death
The Christian Perspective
Robert’s Scenario
Maria’s Scenario
Sam’s Scenario


HLAG 1-1 Types of Personal Loss
HLAG 2-1 My Personal Losses
HLAG 3-1 The Change Scale
HLAG 4-1 The Pros and Cons of Advice Given
HLAG 6-1 The Grieving Process

Facilitator Tools
HLAG A-1 Weekly Evaluation Guide
Instructions for using the Weekly Evaluation Guide