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-developing life skills through faith-

Courses to Improve Society and Individual Quality of Life

The Integrity Curriculum is designed for small group sessions where the goal is purposeful and meaningful life. Though often used in jail, prison, halfway house, and community center settings, the courses are beneficial for use with anyone. Sometimes our focus gets lost on jobs or personal events to such an extent that we fail to attend to the things that really matter - our relationships with one another. The small group provides a safe environment for discussion and support. The facilitator uses a special guide to guide the meeting, and the course books provide the structure.

The eight course books concentrate on eight key areas of life that are often neglected. Though any one of them may address a primary need, most people find that a combination of them to be helpful. The anger course, for example, is a good beginning for dealing with personal anger but the relationships and financial courses may help reduce the stress that contribute to personal anger.

All courses include separate facilitator and group member books. Use individually or in combination as a Program.

Eight Stand-Alone Courses

Common and neglected areas of effective parenting: words, example, priorities, attitude, monitoring, too much or too little discipline, abuse
Addictions broadly defined, the place of faith, falling into a trap, misguided feelings, defenses and isolation, Johari Window, symptoms, helping others
Free to Grow
No need to hide, facing reality, forgiveness, boundaries, "growing up", choices, freedom and responsibility, a fresh start
of Heart
Change in the mind: connecting head, heart, and emotions, need for forgiveness, forgiving others and myself, restitution, many scenarios
Nature of anger, the blame game, approaching anger, settling differences, reducing stress, biblical insights, peaceful character, helping others
Dating and
Sex, love, husbands, wives, submission,fighting fair, communication, commitment, unequally-yoked in dating, unequally-yoked in marriage
Coping with the
Losses of Life
Large and small losses, many personal applications and examples, nature and steps of recovery, grief lasting too long, denial, death of a person
Financial Success
from Scratch
New approaches to managing and making money, qualities for success, budgeting, saving, housing, getting and keeping a job, getting a better job