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-developing life skills through faith-

Financial Success from Scratch

How to Use this Book
Group Structure
Ground Rules for Group Members
General Suggestions for Facilitators
Special Features for Facilitators
Suggested Session Timetable
Application to People with a History of Incarceration
Application to People in Other Settings
Common Bloopers that Facilitators should Avoid

Part 1, Managing Money, lessons 1-5
Making Do With What You Have

Lesson 1 – A Clean Slate

Managing Money is as Important as Making Money
Take the Long View
You Have to Problem Solve
Friends of the Opposite Sex
True/False Test

Lesson 2 – Getting Out of Debt

Child Support
How to Get Out of Debt
Acceptable and Unacceptable Debt
Activity - Debt Worksheet
True/False Test

Lesson 3 – Qualities for Success

Proper Attitude
Excuses that Hold Us Back
True/False Test

Lesson 4 – Budgeting and Saving

How does a Budget Work?
Sample Budget
Activity - Budget Worksheet
Why is Saving Important?
What are Some Ways to Save?
How can You Save when You Owe More than you Make?
True/False Test

Lesson 5 – Housing

Making Housing Plans
Owning vs. Renting
True/False Test

Part 2, Making Money, lessons 6-9
Developing a Strategy for Securing Your Future

Lesson 6 – Preparing for your Future

Take the Long View
Be Optimistic
Education and Training
True/False Test

Lesson 7 – Getting a Job

Attitude! Attitude! Attitude!
Understand What Employers Want
Overcoming Obstacles
True/False Test

Lesson 8 – Keeping a Job

Main Causes of Failure
Secrets of Success
True/False Test

Lesson 9 - Getting a Better Job

Jobs of the Future
Moving Ahead
God and You
True/False Test

A Plan of Salvation
Courses Making Up the FIT Integrity Curriculum