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-developing life skills through faith-

Insight Facilitator Book

Lesson 1 - Orientation
Provides an introduction to the small group format
Sets up ground rules for class discussion stressing confidentiality
Provides an overview of the structure of the course

The Path to Christian Character
Relationship to Life Controlling Problems
Ground Rules
The Upward Path

Lesson 2 – Trust

Establishing Trust as a basis for future Lessons
Shows the place of Faith in Daily Life

Lesson 3 – The Trap

Types of Addiction
Phases of Life-Controlling Problems Graphic
Using Faith to produce Goodness

Lesson 4 – Feelings

Examining our Feelings                                                                                                          Scriptures for the Insight Course
Feelings Checklist
The Johari Window
Spiritual Application

Lesson 5 – Defenses and Isolation

Examples of Defenses
Anger and Fear
Spiritual Awareness: Self Control

Lesson 6 – Symptons

Symptoms of Life-Controlling Problems
Growing Rigidity in Lifestyle
Loss of Control
Rituals and Rigidity
Loss of Control
Perseverance as a Spiritual Principle

Lesson 7 – Ministry to One Another

Biblical Instruction to Care for One Another
Techniques of Helping Someone with a Life-Controlling Problem
Definition of godliness

Lesson 8 – Ministry to One Another Continuation

Honesty and Acceptance
Kindness within the Faith Community
Small Acts of Kindness

Lesson 9 – Ministry to One Another Conclusion

Looking for Good in Others
Deep Love for Others