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-developing life skills through faith-

FIT Emphasizes the Training of Volunteers on how to use its Materials. This is because the human interaction factor is the real key to helping the needy, prisoners, and families. It is not enough just to preach at them or give them something to read. They need a structured, interactive program that helps them with their thinking and problem solving skills in an environment of trust, mutual respect, and safety.

The importance of effective leader/facilitator interaction is so great that it is even more important than the materials being used, our's or anyone else's. People do not respond to help when they feel put down or that the helper really doesn't care for them. They do respond when they feel they are being seriously listened to.

Chaplains and members of existing programs are welcome and can benefit from our leader training as well as persons new to this kind of work. We teach how to effectively get through the crust, shell, or front that people put up. This includes the delicate communications skills needed to help a closed and distrusting person to open up and interact honestly so that personal growth can occur. Also, we show how to effectively listen, artfully guide discussion and keep things on track, avoid manipulation and sidetracking, and help individuals to solve their own problems and make wise decisions.

Well-developed printed materials are sequenced and focused to meet the most pressing needs of our clients. Structure to support small-group intervention. Separate faciliator guides and group member guides are available for every FIT course.

Small-Group Sessions are limited to 15 members each for maximum quality. A trained facilitator and co facilitator are recommended for maximum effectiveness. Every one of the 6 curricular units making up the program is taught by a facilitator with training specifically in that unit.

The Focused Curriculum is based on Biblical principles, life skills development, basic mental health, and sound educational practice.

Our Structured Program is built upon printed materials with definite goals and objectives for each lesson, and lessons are sequenced for maximum growth. Facilitator guides help group leaders to keep on track while encouraging participation from within the group.

It is Interdenominational to help all Christian ministries helping the needy to become more effective. We work with local communities, denominations, and inter-church efforts. We will train leaders to lead in the denomination or group they are already in.

FIT Classes are Staffed by Volunteers who have completed the training.

Networking connects public and private agencies and our leaders and clients.